Benefits of H2Thermal

Protects Against Heat Damage

Heat styling robs the hair of vital moisture. H2Thermal uses heat to activate moisturizing compounds — making heat styling good for your hair!

Repairs Damaged Hair From The Inside Out

Ionic proteins in the H2Thermal formula bond with your hair on a molecular level, repairing the breakage associated with damaged hair.

Infuses Shaft With Healing Moisture

H2Thermal has Moisture-Infusing Microbeads (MIM) that mimic your hair's natural compounds. Your hair drinks it in, leaving nothing to build up or weigh down hair.

Get Salon-Sexy Hair In Minutes!

The best part is, you only need one minute to use H2Thermal. Your hair will look like you just stepped out of the salon — all day, every day!

What You Can Expect
Using H2Thermal

It's Fast! Some hair treatments make you wait 10 minutes, hours in a salon or even overnight. But what if you didn't have to wait to get gorgeous hair? H2Thermal works in just 1 minute! Not only that, it's advanced ionic technology makes it the first hair treatment to use heat styling to heal your hair instead of damaging it!

It's Easy! It's never been so easy to bring out the healthy shine in your hair. There are only 2 steps! First, apply H2Thermal to damp hair. Then, wait 60 seconds. That's it! H2Thermal goes to work while you style, using the heat from your blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron to protect and repair your hair.

It's Light! H2Thermal is unlike any other conditioner treatment in the market today. Other treatments use silicone to coat hair strands. These conditioners build up and weigh hair down, making it limp and lifeless. That's their version of hair repair. Instead, H2Thermal uses ions to work from the inside out.

It's Iconic! Utilizing ionic technology, H2Thermal penetrates deep into the hair shaft to infuse moisture. H2Thermal is specially formulated with MIM, unique Moisture Infusion Microbeads derived only from Sonoran Jojoba plants. MIM works to infuse vital moisture into damaged hair and keeps the volume you love!

Make Heat Styling

Your hair is your best accessory, but years of blow drying, curling and flat ironing can leave it dry and damaged. After years of mistreatment in the name of beauty, split ends and breakage are never far behind. H2Thermal's heat-activated ionic formula helps repair years of damage and restore hair's healthy shine. While other hair treatments sit on the cuticle and weigh hair down, H2Thermal's patented Moisture Infusion Microbeads penetrate deep to restore hair from within, sealing in moisture. When combined with heat, the ionic compounds in H2Thermal not only repair preexisting damage, they also protect hair from further injury.

The end result is stronger,
healthier hair.


Moisture-infusion microbeads (MIM) are the secret ingredient in H2Thermal. MIM comes exclusively from the jojoba plants found wild in the Sonora Desert of the Southwest. Sonoran jojoba is special because its chemical signature is virtually identical to your body’s natural moisturizing compounds. That’s why your hair absorbs H2Thermal so quickly and completely, leaving no residue or build-up.

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Women who have to look their best every day choose H2Thermal to lock in vital moisture and lock out humidity. Whether you’re a television personality, a model or just need to look polished and professional, H2Thermal will give you salon-sexy hair in just one minute. Better yet, you can use your flat iron or hair dryer without a twinge of regret because H2Thermal makes heat styling healthy for your hair!

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Our Promise
to You

We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all purchases. We want you give H2Thermal a try and see the results for yourself. When your friends and coworkers start complimenting your new glossy, sexy hair, you get to decide for yourself whether to let them in on your secret! Try H2Thermal today, and if you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back with no question asked—and we’ll still be friends.

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