How Does H2Thermal Work

The innovative H2Thermal formula uses the power of heat styling to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and repair damaged hair from the inside out!

When H2Thermal is applied to the hair, the conditioning base prepares the follicle to absorb the essential moisture provided by MIM. The ionic molecules in the formula enable MIM to penetrate deep into the core of each strand of hair, known as the cortex.

Once inside the cortex of the hair, ions bond to the broken proteins that characterize damaged hair. These ions strengthen damaged hair by repairing the broken bonds between proteins. This strengthens and heals damaged hair, and retexturizes the follicle at the molecular level. (That’s how H2Thermal leaves your hair stronger, glossy, and silky-smooth!)

Heat generated by heat styling dissolves MIM deep into the hair shaft, sealing up damaged cuticles. This seals in healing moisture and locks out humidity — no more frizz! This process prevents future damage and even seals up split ends in less time than it takes to finish styling.

Just apply, style and go to protect and repair your hair!

Healthy Hair is Sexy Hair!

Your hair is your best accessory. You wear it 365 days a year. In just one month, it can go from long to short, bleached to brunette, straight to curly, and back again. This constant style and color change means chemical stress and heat damage. Heat styling strips hair of its essential moisture and leaves your luscious locks unmanageable, dull, even brittle to the touch.

H2Thermal works as you blow dry, flat iron or otherwise heat-style your hair. The active ingredients nurture and moisturize damaged hair, and seal broken cuticles. After your first treatment, you’ll notice stronger, silkier, glossier hair that’s easy to style. You’ll step out of the bathroom looking like you just left the salon!

H2Thermal is the only treatment that leaves your hair stronger and healthier in just 1 minute! It’s fast, easy, convenient – and leaves your hair stunningly soft and silky.

MIM infuses healing moisture into the hair shaft.

Heat styling allows ions to strengthen damaged hair and MIM to seal the hair shaft.

The result? Hair you LOVE! Salon-sexy hair that’s silky, strong and glossy.

The H2Thermal Difference

H2Thermal is the only hair repair treatment that heals and seals hair both inside and out. Most hair repair products simply layer on top of the hair. Over time, this results in dull, lifeless hair, weighed down by useless products.

H2Thermal doesn’t cause build-up because it is fully absorbed into the hair. Any excess product is bonded to hair during heat styling. Instead of weighing down your lovely locks, H2Thermal strengthens, repairs and retexturizes hair. Your benefits include:

  • Infuse healing moisture
  • Seal split ends
  • Add body and shine
  • Protect hair from heat damage
  • Strengthen hair
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Promote healthy hair growth

Are you ready for salon-sexy hair every day of the week? Try H2Thermal today!

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee!