Nourishing Ingredients

Shea Butter
Shea butter is a potent moisturizer.
It also helps to shield hair from heat
styling. It is used to protect treated hair
and can soften and restore hair that is dry or

Renowned for its antioxidant properties,
rosemary extract helps to eradicate the
free radicals that cause hair damage.
Damage to the hair can come from
ultraviolet light, heat styling,
chemical treatments, and
other environmental

Witch Hazel
Most commonly used as a skin
toner which doesn’t strip the skin’s
moisturizing compounds. Witch hazel
helps eliminate build-up of hair products
on the follicles, so your hair won’t be weighed
down, dull, or lifeless.

Algae Extract
A rich source of high-quality proteins, ionized
algae extract attaches to broken proteins
inside the hair shaft. This process
results in stronger, silkier hair
that’s actually repaired from
the inside out.

Only the
Good Stuff



Animal Byproducts

Animal Testing

Ionic Hair Repair

MIM, from the rare jojoba plants of the Sonoran desert, gets absorbed rapidly by the hair. Chemically identical to the body’s own moisturizing compounds, MIM rejuvenates the cortex (the core) of the hair shaft. The combination of MIM and ionized protein molecules penetrate deep into the shaft of the hair to repair and retexturize. Here’s how H2Thermal works:

Damaged Hair

This is damaged hair. Note the cracks in the cuticle and the broken protein bonds in the cortex. Damaged hair is frizzy, brittle, dull and unmanageable.

Before Heat Styling

MIM and ionic proteins penetrate the cuticle of the hair. Ionic proteins fill in the gaps in the cortex, strengthening and repairing hair. MIM delivers healing moisture to the living layers of the hair.

After Heat Styling

Heat activates MIM, nourishing the deep layers of the hair. MIM also seals the cracks and crevices in the cuticle as it cools. The result? Glossy, strong, silky-smooth hair that looks even better than it feels!