Patricia, Cortland NY

I have very fine and fragile hair that gets damaged sometimes for no reason. I’ve tried every product out there because having good hair is important to me. I tried H2Thermal once and I was very impressed. My hair had shine, bounce, and my hands were able to freely move through my hair without any tangles. That first day, I received many compliments from random people (including a grocery store clerk) telling me that my hair looked amazing! I am a believer! Thanks for an outstanding product!

Simone, San Diego CA

H2Thermal has really made my hair feel so SOFT, silky and healthy. I'm completely natural, and every time I use it, I am very pleased with the condition of my hair. Other heat-activated products leave a film in my hair, leave it feeling dry, or just don’t seem to work, but H2Thermal seems to really work. Not only does it work, but it smells really good too!

Relieved Mother (no location given)

Just a note to say THANK YOU H2THERMAL! My 12 year old daughter has beautiful curly hair which she (of course) wants straight. Your product has made that possible. Using only your leave in product (after her usual shampoo/conditioner routine) blow drying her hair goes so much quicker and her pretty hair is not damaged...also no other product necessary to flat iron her hair silky straight....her hair has never looked nor felt more healthy!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Alexis, West Palm Beach FL

I've always been the typical fashionista. I change my hairstyle almost as much as I change my clothes. Over time, my hair just couldn't keep up with all the heat styling and blow drying. It was dry, brittle and just unmanageable. After using H2Thermal, my hair is silky soft and healthy and shiny. I love the fact that it works with heat; now I can style my hair however I want and still have healthy hair!

Kristy, Brooklyn NY

For the longest time I just couldn't grow my hair out. The heat of the blow dryer or the flat iron just gives me the worst split ends. (It's even worse in the winter…) Every time my hair got past my shoulders I had to have the split ends trimmed :( But now with H2Thermal my split ends are gone. I haven't needed any trims for three months now!!! My hair is smooth and healthy, from root to tip.